2016 Cadilac SRX Review

It is crossover car competition again, and 2016 Cadilac SRX comes in the fray. Like almost all cars coming out of Cadilac stable in next year, the new model will be no different as far upgraded infotainment is concerned. What has added to its credentials is the fact that it has already earned five stars in safety by Top Safety Pick status. In terms of looks, Cadilac SRX sports the quintessential looks of crossover SUV. It is also expected that SRX will be better bet than its own Escalade that has become somewhat a swagger.

2016 Cadilac SRX front view

2016 Cadilac SRX – Interior Design and Features

Surely the first thing to be spotted and mentioned about 2016 Cadilac SRX is its infotainment features. Packed with 4 G WI-Fi capabilities, it also contains safety alert seat that would vibrate in case the SRX’s safety monitors detect any imminent threat. Some curtailment in headroom while being inside and the fact that interior visibility does not seem enough may not augur well with a few.

But what it does manage to incorporate is luxury-technology combo with stylish interiors which has slightly more wooden accent polish. Overall SRX will still be a useful ride for four adults and has average cargo room i.e. 30 cubic feet behind rear seats and 61 cubic feet each on either section.

But the good news is that 2016 Cadilac SRX will give what they call CUE or Cadilac User Experience soon to get better with Apple CarPlay Android auto for phone integration. Once it is activated, both system will integrate with phone in use and will immediately gain access to features like navigation, music etc.

Voice command can also be activated with the help of this integration. CUE’s strong processor ensures better functioning even when smart phone is not hooked up. Reports also suggest that SRX models can also be available with 360 degree view camera.

Exterior and trims

Four is the number of trim levels 2016 Cadilac SRX is coming up with and they are base, luxury, performance and premium. Each trim has some pros and cons, all of them have a feature of two that makes each of them higher than others. Starting with base model, there is standard eighteen alloy wheels, automatic headlights coupled with heated mirrors.

Similarly, luxury models gain uniqueness with keyless ignition feature, power lift gate and driver memory functions. Premium models on the other hand have twenty inch alloy wheels adaptive xenon headlights and fog lights as well.

2016 Cadilac SRX interior

2016 Cadilac SRX – Engine and Fuel Economy

2016 Cadilac SRX has its entire series powered with 3.6 liter V6 engine generating 308 HP along with roughly 265 lb/ft of torque. Standard wheel drive is FWD but AWD is available for all except base model. This engine spec can pick up 0-60 mph levels within seven seconds.

Fuel economy by EPA standards is 19 mpg combined for FWD models and 18 mpg for AWD variants.

2016 Cadilac SRX side view

2016 Cadilac SRX – Cost and Release Date

2016 Cadialc SRX has as many as four trim levels to offer and it can extend price bracket from $37, 000 to 48,000. The date is set for the middle of 2016.

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