2016 Holden Astra Price, Features

Return of 2016 Holden Astra is undoubtedly going to be a tough competition to other cars. To believe the news, five-door Holden Astra is expected to add a new star in the crown of this brand. Efficiency of this car is expected to surpass its predecessors. Have a quick look some basic features of this car.

2016 Holden Astra front view

2016 Holden Astra – Basic Features

To make this car different from its ancestors. The basic features of this car is assumed like,

  • Lightweight structure of a small car like 2016 Holden Astra is undoubtedly an added attraction for the passengers.
  • Best possible technology is expected to be installed in this car.
  • Special time is invested by the manufacturers to ensure the ultimate comfort and luxury for the passengers

 Inside the car:

Only to ensure comfort for the passengers, soft cushioned seats are expected to be installed in this car. Installation of electric adjustment of side bolster is an added advantage. As per reports 2016 Holden Astra will be totally 4G WI-Fi enabled. Commuters will be given facilities to connect their device with Hotspot as well.

Smart integrated software such as Apple CarPlay with an 8-inch touchscreen will be installed on this car. The back seat passengers will also have provision for charging from twin USB charging ports available at the back seat. However, it should be unjust if not mentioned that this car may fail to redecorate a complete classy outlook. Installation of LED headlight is the first thing that one should primarily look at. It is said that the LEDs will be able to switch between high and low beams. To note the advanced technology installed in Holden Astra, mentioning of front facing camera is indeed necessary. The camera is enabled with recognizing the traffic symbols. Again it helps the driver cautioning from the up-head collision.

2016 Holden Astra interior

2016 Holden Astra – Engine Options

The engineers seem to be interested in the engine of 2016 Holden Astra hatchback. A four-cylinder turbocharged petrol engine, burning 1.4 liter under the bonnet leads this car having an instant start. 230 lb/ft of torque seems to be the most coherent factor that leads this car generating around 147 HP. Another assumption states that this engine may take 1.6 liters of petrol to be charged with 280 lb/ft of torque generating 197 HP.

It is anticipated that six speed manual or automatic or both transmissions will be there in this car. To obtain better performance of this car, fuel economy is supposed to be improved.

2016 Holden Astra side view

2016 Holden Astra – Expected Date of Arrival and Price

Any time of 2016 can be determined for the launch of Holden Astra. However, nothing has been known officially. As one can have every exquisite facility within this small car, it is undoubted that the price will be a little high, may be charging from $19,900. However, one can provide a finest review only after riding it.

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