2016 Holden Captiva Review

Probably the best car expected to hit market in the coming days is none other than 2016 Holden Captiva, which will phase out 2014 Captiva 7. Refreshed features of Captiva overcoming all of its previous shortcomings, this is going to be a best car ever launched in this series. Stylistic overhaul of the car with organized installation of technology has made it included in “must buy a list of customers.

2016 Holden Captiva front

2016 Holden Captiva – Overview

2016 Holden Captiva is going to be manufactured only to full fill some projected aims, such as

  • This car is undoubtedly going to be a family SUV so that one can easily take its family for an outing during their holidays.
  • Extensive use of technology is the most convenient approach that this car is expected to achieve.
  • Cleaner, dashing and decent outlook with most comfortable interior ever witnessed.
  • Easy movement onto different surface with least jerking.

Looking from Outside:

This car is being tried to be given the best gorgeous outlook possible by the manufacturers. Here are some superb exterior features are delineated.

  • Sizzling daytime LEDs with flashy headlights is anticipated to let the drivers have a succinct visibility in low light.
  • An incredible update of front fascia with a predominant grille looks not only attractive, however, helps this car exhaust the excessive hit. Black mesh grille bars are being presumed to be replaced by Metallic grille bars.
  • Small hatch in all of the five doors leads this car to provide a decent
  • 19-inch wheels and profound color leads it to determine its bold presence in the road.

A Redecorated Interior:

Inside 2016 Holden Captiva, a complete new infotainment system runs by Apple CarPlay and Android Auto are installed. 7-inch touchscreen appears to be mostly highlighted part of if one steps inside. It helps passengers having been away from their busy and restless lives and helps relaxing. Stack of more technologies is another feature that a customer can expect to find in this car in comparison with other cars running on the road.

2016 Holden Captiva interior

2016 Holden Captiva – Engine Specs:

As 2014 Holden Captive engine accessed a great success, the company has decided not to bring a lot of change in its new model, 2016 Holden Captiva. A4 cylinder SUV engine charged by 2.4-litre turbo diesel will be able to produce 165 HP is expected to be stalled underneath its hood. The torque is expected to be fixed 169 lb-ft.

Auto wheel drive is another interesting feature added to this car. Carbon emission rate has been tried to be kept as low as possible. Both automatic and manual transmission has been installed in this car that forces it to move smoothly on the roads. This car is expected to consume the least fuel and helps in saving fuel economy for the customer.

2016 Holden Captiva side view

2016 Holden Captiva – Expected Date of Release and Price

It is predicted that this 2016 Holden Captiva SUV will be available in the market in the first quarter of 2016, yet the final date of release has not been intimated officially. The car is anticipated to charge a bit high for its essential facelift however again it is not determined yet. Once it is launched in the market, one can reveal the exact points in the review.

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