2016 Holden Colorado Review

Engineers of Holden have decided to rock the pickup truck market by launching of their new venture 2016 Holden Colorado. It is anticipated to become a best-befitted answer to its competitors. This truck is going to have both on-road and off-road capacities that makes this car different from others currently available in the market. Aggressive outlook and design appear to be most exquisite quality that the onlookers should behold.

2016 Holden Colorado front view

2016 Holden Colorado – Interior Setup:

For 2016 Holden Colorado has received a decorative interior design that has enabled it to distinguish from others. Some of its features are,


  • The car seats are upgraded to leather foiled. Mostly the focus is centered on to avail comfort for passengers sitting inside.
  • Having a unique HVAC control design installed inside, it ensures more security.
  • Temperature setting and fan speed of this car will also be controlled by passengers.
  • Installation of cruise control function and radio controls is expected to add feather in its interior designing.
  • Power locks, large windows are also intense features of this car.
  • Rear faced camera lets driver to identify its exact position. At the same time, it helps getting a clear rare view.
  • Upgraded dashboard with Bluetooth and Wi-Fi are also ready to fascinate the customers.

Outer Design:

Designers has mainly focused onto a magnificent outlook of new Holden Colorado Truck. The aggressive look is typically matched by a respectable break-over. Although no accurate information of this car is still available, however, it can be assumed that both handling and navigation system of the car will undergo a significant revamp. Besides, to minimize the friction of wheel, the manufacturers are expected to implement some innovative ideas. Consumers will be given choice to select their favorite color while the actual 2016 Holden Colorado will be available in white, blue and red.

2016 Holden Colorado interior

2016 Holden Colorado – Engine and Transmission

Modification of engine is also typically expected from this vehicle. Diesel engine installed underneath its hood can be expected to produce around 300 HP. The possible torque is anticipated to be equal to 250 lb-ft. Its engine will supply power to both the front and rear wheel of the car that will enable it to run even on rough and stone-bed surface. Anticipation of less Carbon emission is also going to be true.

Transmission and Fuel Economy:

It is anticipated that it is going to offer a maximum fuel economy that will enable this car to minimize fuel economy for the customers. Installation of a double engine may be true when it will be launched. Both manual and automatic transmission system is supposed to cut labor of the driver while driving.

2016 Holden Colorado rear view

2016 Holden Colorado – Launch Date and Price

2016 Holden Colorado is supposed to hit market by the end of 2015, yet no official confirmation is available. Besides, no serious note on price is determined. However, it is anticipated to charge between $30,000 to $40,000. It needs to be stated that the actual information about new 2016 Holden Colorado will be available only after its release in the market.

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