2017 Chevy Caprice Specs, Price

Chevrolet is a reputed automobile manufacturer that has come up with 2017 Chevy Caprice, which is highly modernized to satisfy the need of consumers. It is a fully developed sedan class car that can fulfill huge expectations of people and it would be available in the market by next year. What differentiates the car from others? The engine appears to be highly efficient as it also introduces the eco-friendly concept in its car. It is much more than the powerful car, as it is also known to be fuel-efficient. The upgraded version of Chevy Caprice is absolutely stylish and the elegant look can give an extra edge to this car.

2017 Chevy Caprice front

2017 Chevy Caprice – Interior and Exterior Beauty:

One of the essential features is that 2017 Chevy Caprice sedan is not only capable of offering you an impressive design and look, but surely you can expect to enjoy the drive of a fuel economy car. It is possible to drive around 62 mph with just 6.9 liters of fuel.

The interior portion of this sedan class car appears to be very luxurious. Sitting behind the wheel can definitely give you a sense of excitement and the prime objective of car manufacturer is to deliver high amounts of comfort.

The wood grain accents ensure that the interior has a tough, yet an elegant look. Well stitched leather seats look good and it gives enough space for passengers, so that you can have a comfortable journey. The exterior part of the car offers you with a roofline that defines supreme quality. 2017 Chevy Caprice can be regarded as one of the best sports car which can be categorized under luxurious sedan class.

2017 Chevy Caprice interior

2017 Chevy Caprice – Engine Efficiency:

Chevy Caprice will be available to customers with two efficient engine options and one with an optional power plant that primarily focuses on 6 speed vehicle transmissions. The initial engine offers 4 cylinders that can store 2.4 liter for any sedan version. It can generate around 195 HP along with 187 lb ft.

This engine seems to be highly competent when it comes to fuel consumption. The fuel economy engine would deliver around 21 MPG in the city and 31 MPG in the highway. General Motors have come with such concept to assure a delightful feeling to driver. The other engine found in 2017 Chevy Caprice is V6 motor along with 3.6 liter, which can produce up to 305 HP.

Safety features identified:

Caprice is a well equipped car that has come up with a few options like Automatic Parking Assist that can steer you easily to the parking spot. The airbags are available that can protect you in case of accidents. Dual HID headlights offer you with improved vision and can have complete clarity in night.

2017 Chevy Caprice rear

2017 Chevy Caprice – Price and Market Release:

It is said that by next year the car will be available at exclusive showroom. Car experts have a good expectation on 2017 Chevy Caprice which would be easily found at a reasonable price. It is estimated to be around $ 26,900 to $ 39,700. With all the enhancement and touchscreen facility, it seems to be the appropriate pricing.

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