2017 Chevy SS Review

2017 Chevy SS is a midsized luxury car manufactured by Chevrolet. It is considered as Chevrolet’s flagship car in India and also in other countries. Next generation Chevy SS has been designed in such a way that it’ll become more graceful in appearance than its previous models. This 2017 model is to see a lot of promising modifications and updates in its design as well as engineering structure. It is bound to have new dimensions and performance that would match up to the level of sedans.  Chevrolet has been releasing their vehicles in several series since a long time now. Out of these wonderful series cars, 2017 Chevy SS is a beautiful one. It is probably one of the best sedans at minimal price. It has got comfort at its best in its class. Price has been kept as low as possible and that is why the car will be a great hit and will grab the entire market.

2017 Chevy SS front

2017 Chevy SS – Beautiful Exterior:

It features a redesigned exterior which will amuse you. According to industry experts, even subtle changes to the exterior design can bring about a drastic modification in the overall look of the car. As per the latest news from reliable sources this sedan is expected to remain unchanged from its previous model.  It is sleek and stylish in design. It will approximately consist of almost similar fog lamps, LED lights, and bumpers. Other features are yet to be known. These features are an important part of this car’s designing since it is going to be compared with other sedans. Hence, it should be better than others so as to capture all the market.

Another important aspect that Chevrolet never fails to maintain is the fact that they will never compromise with elegance while trying to achieve a more modern look.

Proud Design in Interior:

The lavishly and exquisitely designed interior of 2017 Chevy SS completes the totality of a new designing concept that designers first started out with. The newly designed cabin is extremely spacious and it can easily take on not only cars within its price range but also in few cases even beyond it. This car has been blessed with marvelous luxury facilities and latest technology. Seats will be available in premium quality leather while an advanced level of air conditioning and climate control keeps passengers guessing about the outside climate conditions.

It features touchscreen display, Bluetooth connectivity and GPS system. Airbags are among few other necessary tools that have been incorporated into the cabin designing. It will provide you drive quality that feels way into the future yet with roots in the present.

2017 Chevy SS interior


2017 Chevy SS – Performance and Engine Power:

Not much information is available about the engine power but it is expected to have a 6.2 liter V-8 engine with 415 hp, like that of previous model. A better and stronger work horse under the hood will promise higher performance and lower fuel consumption.

2017 Chevy SS side

2017 Chevy SS – Expected Price and Release Date:

2017 Chevy SS is expected to release in early 2017 or late 2016. Exact date has been not yet declared by the manufacturers. Base price of Chevrolet SS will be around $47, 000.

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