2017 GMC Granite News, Specs

In the recent years, there has been a huge demand for crossover SUV models in the market. General motors have proven themselves to be a top notch manufacturer when it comes to the production of cars. The company is offering a new model that will go by the name 2017 GMC Granite. This model is expected to take the car market by storm. The new model will come with many amazing features, that will most likely put its competitors to bed. With an aim of improving sales margin, the GMC Company will be offering the model at a price that most of its customers will be able to afford.

2017 GMC Granite front

2017 GMC Granite – New Stylish Exterior:

Many believe that 2017 GMC Granite SUV will be an upgrade to the previous version that was released in the year 2010. The model is expected to have a hatchback design. The headlamps have a realistic design and a redesigned front fascia. The front end has received some upgrades to ensure that the model will compete effectively in the market. 2017 GMC Granite is expected to have a seating arrangement that will accommodate about four or five passengers depending on the market segment released. The unique interior design will be a major selling point for the model. A longer wheelbase is to be expected in this new model to accommodate for the increased or enlarged seating arrangement.

A sturdy pointed nose and boxy cabins will be some of the changes to be noted on the model. The tire sizes are expected to be larger than those that you will find in the 2010 model. The tailgate has been reshaped to get that modern look. The interior will be designed to create a cool environment. It’s also expected that the model will be quieter so that passengers will be able to experience the full effects of the quality audio system. The instrument panel will be modernized to suit the purposes of the model as it’s conveniently placed on a reachable position.

The dashboard will have modernized features like automatic air regulation, access to the navigation system via satellite up-link and Bluetooth audio access. Automatic braking feature and lane exit warnings are likely to be included to make the 2017 GMC Granite to be special.

2017 GMC Granite interior

2017 GMC Granite – Engine Type:

Expectations are running high that the models drive train will be fueled by a 1,4 liter four-cylinder engine that will have a turbocharger. This engine will be able to shell out about 138 hp and 148 lbs per foot torque. The engine of new GMC Granite will be linked up with a six-speed transmission that is likely to have an automatic operation. The base model will have a front wheel drive platform while the all-wheel drive platform will be available on the advanced models. The main competitor of new 2017 GMC Granite will be VW Tiguan GTE Active, 2017 Aston Martin Lagonda SUV, Mercedes GLA 2017.

2017 GMC Granite rear view

2017 GMC Granite – Expected Release Date and Price:

The refreshed model is expected to be in the market as early as March 2017. The price for new model of GMC Granite will be around $ 20,000 to $ 30,000 depending on the variants provided.

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