Opel GT 2017 Concept

In the boldest of moves, Opel GT 2017 is comeback with a new design and attractive look. Partnered with European sister concern Opel, there is a well chalked out plan to create a two plus two car to be known as GT. The motto is clear; outclasses market rivals Audi and VW who have TT and Scirocco. More importantly its concept model has to be ready, so it could be showcased in next year’s Geneva Motor Show. Inspirational source for this coupe dates back to Opel’s concept that was first seen on Frankfurt Auto Show.

Opel GT 2017 front view

Opel GT 2017 – Body and Designs:

For a car still under production, Opel GT 2017 has only little information which is available for public knowledge. But it has been opined that this coupe will not be like its predecessors, which had made their mark as roadster back in 2007. In fact it is all about going to the roots i.e. Opel GT will be designed in the lines of the model, first seen in the sixties.

Right now what is apparent is that Opel GT 2017 sports an over the top air exhaust system, aerodynamic body design and much more sophisticated interior elements, that are hi-tech and yet unknown. We can only hope to see all modern interior infotainment system like a central control touchscreen, well stocked dashboard, leg room, improved gear panel and comfortable seats, probably lathered upholstery.

Of the very few visible changes there is LED headlights that are pretty slim, trim and Vauxhall’s emblem. Overall nothing falls short to ensure that this coupe has cent percent sports car appearance. Given the fact that Vauxhall had few disappointments like Monaro released between 2004 and 2006 and Calibra that was phased out in 1996, this coupe has a lot riding on its back. This car is said to be based on Monza concept that was first revealed at Frankfurt a couple of years back.

On taking closer look, what is apparent is that there is a highly placed number plate, sporty creases appearing on bottom of the flank, and small boot spoiler.

Opel GT 2017 interior

Opel GT 2017 – Expected Engine Specification:

Rumored to be based on Vauxhall’s lightweight Astra cover, it might be sitting in four-wheel drive mode. Both diesel and petrol variant will be made available with turbocharged engine for Opel GT sports car. While the diesel variant is a 1.6 liter Whisper engine, its petrol cousin is one liter three-cylinder engine. As standard offering it offers six-speed manual gearbox, and there is also an alternative of more eco-friendly Easytronic in case there is demand of two pedals and not three.

Opel GT 2017 rear view


Opel GT 2017 – Price and Release Date:

This sports beast has definitely been designed to take head on competition. Opel GT 2017 will be released in the first quarter of 2017. At $22,000 price is what it would try to knock Audi and VW down with. It gets only bigger and bitter in 2018, the year makers wish to launch convertible version in.

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