Opel Meriva 2016 Review

Away from the conventional cars ruling roads these days, Opel Meriva 2016 seems to have some of exquisite features since the manufacturers have designed it as a multi-purpose vehicle. It is heard that the model has gone through serious changes to make it more viable to its customers. At the same time, the company aims at gaining more competitive advantage on the market.

Opel Meriva 2016 front view

Opel Meriva 2016 – Looking into Interior Design

Main focus is going to be centered while manufacturing of Opel Meriva 2016 is that it is able to provide immense comfort to the passengers sitting inside. Cabin is decorated with special care as well. To accommodate 5 passengers inside the car, more space has been freed up. As expected, most of the users will try this car for long drive; an adequate space to accommodate their baggage at the rear end of the car is made. Excellent design of the car seems to be an added advantage that a person on board can cherish.


Opel Meriva 2016 is essentially designed to maintain its exotic outlook. Curved headlamps are mainly most attractive point that helps this car to have a fascinating appearance. Installation of front and rare LEDs is another prominent feature of this car that can even illumine in low lights as well. Alloy wheels underneath the 18-inch rim let this car minimize its surface tension. Having 5 doors, including the rear one, allow passengers attain a comfortable journey.

Opel Meriva 2016 interior

Opel Meriva 2016 –  Engine Power and Transmission

The Opel Meriva Minivan is expected to have different veritable engines making the car ready to hit the road. It is expected to be equipped by both the diesel and petrol engine. First, a 99 HP V4 engine run by petrol, having 96 lb-torque may be installed which can be extended to 138 HP having 148 lb-ft torque. Besides, a 94 HP diesel engine having 133 lb-ft torque is another significant feature to boost more power to its wheels. However, still there is confusion about the exact engine of the car. CO2 emission is targeted to be reduced to 139 g in each 1000 meter.

An Overview of Transmission and Fuel Economy:

This Opel Meriva 2016 is expected to enable either manual or automatic transmission system or both. This is up to customers in choosing the transmission rate may be fixed between 5 and 6 manual transmission system or accepting a 6 auto transmission speed. Drivable mechanisms particularly centre onto the front wheel.  The engines are expected to design in such a way so that it can run on less fuel. It is anticipated that in competition with the cars available currently in the market, this car, consuming less fuel, will, of course, take care of the pocket of the customers.

Opel Meriva 2016 side view

Opel Meriva 2016 – Expected Price and Date of Availability

Opel Meriva 2016 will initially be launched in US market in middle of 2016. Besides, this car will be marketed under the name of Vauxhall Meriva in UK in the beginning of 2016. As it holds so many significant characteristics, it is expected to be cost a bit much, near about $20, 500. However, no fixed amount of the car has yet been fixed or announced officially.

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